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Miznon brilliantly combines the distinctive culinary creativity of Chef Eyal Shani with the best of international cuisines.

We believe in taking fresh and seasonally inspired ingredients to create a new take on Mediterranean street food. 

Our vision is to take the flavour of each city and translate it into a pita. To take each city's energies, groove, longings, and beauty and express it all in our food.

Ingredients of exceptional quality are sourced seasonally and locally, whenever possible, bringing to life an energetic and disconcerting culinary experience.


Chef Eyal Shani is considered a culinary genius of his time, or a "re-enchanter" of Israeli cuisine, thanks to his poetic and uncompromising approach to raw, fresh, pure and local ingredients and his desire to deconstruct the essence and spirit of national cuisine.

Since his debut in 1989 with "Oceanus," his first seafood restaurant in his native Jerusalem, Chef Shani has established himself as one of the leading figures in contemporary Israeli cuisine.

Self-taught, he is now the head of 40 restaurants around the world and has built a solid reputation following his passionate participation as a judge in the Masterchef show in Israel.
The products of his region: olive oil, tahini, fresh & seasonal vegetables, and the tomato, of course, which he holds in high esteem, are the components of his unique and instinctive culinary language.

With his partner, Shahar Segal, they continue to roll out several addresses and gastronomic DNA: Port Said, Romano, Miznon, North Abraxas, HaSalon and Malka in Tel Aviv, Vienna, Paris, Cannes, Melbourne, Singapore, London, New York and Boston. 

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